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Stereotactic System
The Stereotactic System ( KST-MRI/CT SETUP & KST-CT SETUP ) is designed for the ultimate combination of accuracy, simplicity and versatility. The system can be configured as CT-only or CT/MRI scanner independent system.
Core Values
Executive Staff
Stereotactic System Highlights:-
» Intuitive handling
» CT and MRI compatible
» Computer based target calculation
» Computer based 3D targeting
» Centre of Arc System
» All round compatible including Linear Accelarators
» Lightweight, sturdy and very precise
Ultimate precision and compatibility
The state-of-the-art technology opens up the complete range of indications in functional and non-functional stereotactic neurosurgery including its application together with linear accelerators in radiosurgical procedures with unsurpassed precision. It is compatible to all CT- and MRI-scanners currently available as well as to analog and digital angiography. The 3D reconstructive and planning software completes the system for functional and non-functional planning, calculation and brachytherapy.
Main Applications:-
» Stereotactic Guided Surgery
» Hematoma Evacuation
» Brachytherapy and Endoscopy
» Functional Stereotaxy, Catheter Placement.
» All round compatible including Linear Accelarators
» Lightweight, sturdy and very precise/td>
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