Stereotaxy System Isocentric for DBS

KB stereo – Stereotactic /Stereotaxy Isocentric system is compatible with all CT- scan, MRI and Digital Angiography systems available in the world market.
Centralized aiming system for the control and placing of electrodes .
Direct fixing with 3 or 4 screws or with the use of extension posts.
CT support with angular movement system for greater precision in obtaining images. curved segment which allows the patient intubation during surgical application.
The system is ideal for the following procedures i.e.
-Diagnosis -Biopsy
– Functional Neurosurgery – Treatment of Movement Disorders .
Treatment for chronic pain.
Deep electrode implant (DBS). Behaviour surgery .
Epilepsy treatment.
General neurosurgery i.e. -Guided surgery catheter placement.
-Guided Neuroendoscopy . -Therapeutic Neurosurgery .
– Haematomas Evacuations.
– Brain Abscess Evacuation. -Brachytherapy etc

Image acquisition to satisfy the precision demanded in a stereotactic surgery.

KB- plan 3D software is a powerful tool which allows Neurosurgeons to plan their procedures with maximum precision without the complications presented by conventional software specially designed to attend the needs of the neurosurgeon.KB plan 3D interface is of easy navigation and interaction.