Neuro Endoscopy

Minimally invasive techniques made life easy for the neurosurgery, especially in the diagnosis and therapy of intracranial defects.

KBI offers a complete range of rigid and flexible Innovative endoscopes for intracranial Neuroendoscopy.

The innovation begins with and delivered for better surgery outcome so we designed these endoscopes that they comprises of Irrigation,Suction,Instrument ports alongwith optic and lens.



Neuroendoscopic Indications:-
» Intraventricular processes
» Arachnoidal cysts and cystic cerebral tumors
» Endoscopically assisted neurosurgery
» Occlusive hydrocephalus (ventriculostomy)
» Transnasal transsphenoidal pituitary gland surgery
» Intraventricular hemorrhages


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