Neuro Endoscopy System

Neuroendoscopy is established with its own different indication and minimally invasive techniques with always new demands in adequate instrumentation and In-Situ visualisation.
The KBI 3 Channel and 4 Channel Neuroscopes , Ventriculoscopes ,  Hematoscopes, Flexible scopes, and micro Rigid and Flexible instruments meet the demands and expectations of modern neuroendoscopy. 
They offer a new dimension in visualisation and allow a perfect view in area where the microscope cannot see. KBI offer the complete range of endoscopes for neurosurgical applications.
The Neuroscope, Ventriculoscopes, Hematoscopes, Flexible scopes has been designed for minimal invasive Cranial Endoscopy where the very best image information is requested.
The outstanding image elimination with loss energy delivers superb tissue structure information and the Rodlens system guarantees brilliant image quality and sharpness with two parallel straight 1.0 mm working channels it is an ideal tool for Neuroendoscopic microsurgery. The ergonomic balance point design enables easy Endoscope guidance and control In- Situ.
Features- Excellent Rodlens image quality, two working channels, two aspiration/irrigation channels, Balance point and Autoclavable.