Stereotaxy / Stereotactic System
Neuro Endoscopy System
Pneumatic / Electric Neuro Drills
Aneurysm Clips
Yasargil Aneurysm clips
O.T. Table
Cranial Perforators
KB-Cut Re-usable / Cutters for Midas Rex / Anspach / Aesculap / Codman / Stryker
Bipolar Generator / Cautery
Instruments for Neurosurgery
Gyneacology Instruments
Skull/Cranial Fixation Clamp
Latest News
Launched X-Lite Drill System (Made in USA) in Indian market in Jan. 2009.

» In 2009 Received order for X-lite Drill System from SMS Medical College and Hospital,

» In Nov. 2009, Launched state of the art X-Lite Plus Pneumatic Drill System, Stereotaxy
   System, Neuroendoscopy, Aneurysm Clips ( Made in Germany).

» In Feb. 2010, Supplied X-lite Plus Drill System to Chennai.

» In April 2010, Received order for X-lite Plus Drill System from Guru Govind Singh medical
   college, Faridkot.

» In May 2010, Received order for latest launched Aneurysm Clips from Dr. Anupam Jindal,
   Consultant Neurosurgeon, NIMS hospital, Chandigarh.

» Sponsored Surgeon from Chennai for his high trainings on latest techniques in

» Sponsored Dr. Ashish Chugh from B.J. medical college, Pune for his trainings on
   Neuroendoscopy & Stereotaxy Surgeries.

» Sponsored Dr. Ramandeep Dang from G.G.S medical college, Faridkot for his trainings
   on Neuroendoscopy & Stereotaxy Surgeries.

» Sponsored Dr. V.P.Joshi from ,Solapur for his trainings on Neuroendoscopy system.
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