Stereotaxy / Stereotactic System
Neuro Endoscopy System
Pneumatic / Electric Neuro Drills
Aneurysm Clips
Yasargil Aneurysm clips
O.T. Table
Cranial Perforators
KB-Cut Re-usable / Cutters for Midas Rex / Anspach / Aesculap / Codman / Stryker
Bipolar Generator / Cautery
Instruments for Neurosurgery
Gyneacology Instruments
Skull/Cranial Fixation Clamp
Employment Opportunities
KBI gives you the freedom to work in a professional environment. The emphasis on Sustainability makes one feel that you are working on a superordinate goal of leaving the planet in a better shape than what it is, even as you conduct your business operations. This gives you tremendous satisfaction. With the emphasis on value addition and the opportunities for growth and development, there is more than a good chance for a new entrant to hit the top rungs of the organisation.

It gives you the freedom to express yourself. It gives you space and autonomy and encourages you to take as much responsibility as you are willing to. If you can take more, you get more. You are encouraged to take the ball and run. Mistakes are recognized as learning experiences.for some time. So you better learn fast.
Core Values
Executive Staff
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