Brain Retractor Hand Rest System ( Greenburgh Retractor System)

The KB-Brain Retractor System ( Greenburgh Retractor system ) is our top-of-the-line brain retractor system used in neurosurgical applications as a brain tissue retractor and hand support.
It is set up in the sterile field and can easily and safely be adjusted for optimum skull access.
It offers unparalleled flexibility, degrees of freedom in shifting and tilting parts or even the whole system guarantee an unobstructed access to the surgical field at any time of the procedure.
It is our most flexible and adaptable KB-Retractor System in the market.

This brings all the beneficial features of our flagship KB- Brain Retractor System to imaging supported procedures. When imaging is required during surgery, the whole system can be temporarily demounted by loosening just two thumbscrews.
The adaptor allows the surgeon to work with only one retractor system, maintaining his routine and workflow from non-imaging procedures.
For imaging purposes KB-Brain Retractor -Titanium System can be opted.
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